Welcome to the new Student Bulletin!

We are excited with our new design, and hope you are too!  The new Student Bulletin will allow you to 1.  Find old information quickly.  2.  Utilize social media to share events on campus that you think are important and exciting with your friends and family.  3.  You will have the ability to comment on information you read about in the Student Bulletin.  4.  You can easily reference information by main topics provided at the top of the page.  5.  The Student Bulletin is now more readily available via smart phones and tablets.  If you are on a tablet, we encourage you to hold your tablet sideways to allow more information on the sidebar to be shown.

The Student Bulletin is now available via the Inver Hills Student Life app as well!  Look for us on the Google, Apple, or Amazon Marketplace!  Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments with the new Student Bulletin.  Enjoy!