$30 Late Fee- Balance Due June 30th: Log Into E-Services to Review


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We’re glad you’ve chosen Inver Hills Community College and hope that your semester is going well! We want to make sure you know that you currently have an unpaid tuition balance. Our goal is to help you avoid any extra fees, so please read on for more information and next steps.
You may be wondering why you owe a balance. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including that your financial aid didn’t cover the full cost of tuition or that you made a down payment but haven’t paid the full balance. Or maybe life happened and you simply forgot to make arrangements—no matter what the reason, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log-in to E-Services and select “Bills and Payments” to check your balance.
  2. Make a payment. This can be done by:
    o Paying the balance in full.
    o Talking to financial aid to determine if you are eligible to either apply for aid for the first time or to increase the amount of student loans you may already have taken out.

Please check your outstanding balance TODAY! Students who have not taken care of their outstanding balance by Tuesday, June 30th will be charged a $30 late fee on July 1st. Students still owing a balance after August 2nd will be subject to an additional $50 late fee.
If you need assistance AFTER checking your account status online, please email enrollment@inverhills.edu. For financial aid questions, please email finaid@inverhills.edu, making sure to include your name and student ID number.

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