Dorthy and the Wizard of OZ April 27

Inver Hills Theatre


Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ

by Steve and Kathy Hotchner

Directed by George M. Roesler


Inver Hills Community College Theatre Department will present a children’s theatre production of Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ by Steve and Kathy Hotchner. This production of Dorothy and the Wizard of OZ is appropriate for kindergarten through third grade students. This year marks the 80th Anniversary of the original film; The Wizard of OZ!


Will Dorothy and Toto ever find their way back to Kansas?  Will her friends, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, ever find a brain, a heart and the nerve?  The answer is definitely “yes” when the children help the plot along in this participation play.  The children will be simultaneously engaged in two very entertaining activities—experiencing the theatre by actually being involved in the action and rescuing Dorothy and her friends from the Wicked Witch of the West.




April 27

1:00 pm

Fine Theatre

Tickets:  General Admission:  $5.00    IHCC STUDENTS & KIDS UNDER 12: FREE

(No reservation necessary, tickets may be purchased at the door the afternoon of performance.)


Fine Arts Theatre

Inver Hills Community College

2500 East 80th Street

Inver Grove Heights, MN.  55076


Information: George M. Roesler at 651-450-3588 or


Inver hills Community College is a member of Minnesota State and an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator. This information is available in an alternative format by calling 651-450-3508 or TTY/Minnesota Relay at 1-800-627-3529.

Seeking Student Speaker – Commencement 2019


– Aldrich Arena (Maplewood) –


– May 16, 2019 @ 7pm –


It is a great opportunity to gain public speaking experience that will look great on a resume.  You also have the honor of representing the 2019 IHCC graduating class as you kick off graduation and provide some words of inspiration.


Submit an outline for your 4-minute long speech to Brad Manley ( by Monday 4/15/19.

*You can also drop off your outline at LA-114 (be sure to include your contact info)

You are submitting a proposal and a selection committee will meet to determine the finalist(s).


Are you a Leader? Join DECA!

DECA club is seeking self-nominations for President, vice president, Treasurer, and communication officers for 2019-2020. DECA will participate in state and international competitions each year, as a part of its mission to prepare students for employment. DECA election will be held on April 9, 2 PM, in room B203, located in the Business building. Please contact DECA advisor at with any questions you may have.

4th Curtis Concert


4th Curtis is a St. Paul-based indie rock trio of gay trans people bound by their mutual love for Sonic the Hedgehog. Their catchy, deeply honest songs throw a fresh coat of paint on issues like disability, gayness, transness and mental illness.

March Transfer Visits for Bulletin

March 4th


Concordia University


March 5th


Augsburg University


March 6th


St. Mary’s University


March 7th


St. Cloud State University


North Dakota State University


March 12th


Concordia University


March 18th


Hamline University


March 19th


St. Mary’s


Metro State University


March 20th


Concordia University


University of St. Catherine’s


March 21st


Winona State University – Rochester



University of Minnesota



March 25th


University of Minnesota Duluth


March 26th


Concordia University



Minnesota State University – Mankato


March 27th


Augsburg University

March Visits from Transfer Colleges

Representatives from the following transfer colleges will be available to meet with you in the counseling and advising area located on the second floor of the College Center building on the following dates

  • March 4th,  10 – 1: Concordia University
  • March 5th, 10-12:30:  Augsburg University
  • March 6, 10-1: St. Mary’s University
  • March 7,
    •  10-1: St. Cloud State University
    • 10-1: North Dakota State University
  • March 12, 10-1: Concordia University
  • March 18, 10-1: Hamline University
  • March 19
    • 10-1: St. Mary’s
    • 10:30-3 pm, Metro State University
  • March 20:
    • 10-1: Concordia University
    • 10-1, University of St. Catherine’s
  • March 21,
    •  11-1: Winona State University – Rochester
    • 12-3, University of Minnesota (Appointments Needed)
  • March 25, 10-1: University of Minnesota Duluth
  • March 26,
    •  10-1: Concordia University
    • 10-1: Minnesota State University – Mankato
  • March 27, 10-12:30: Augsburg University

Employers on Campus

You can visit with the following potential employers on campus.

  • 3/18 Employer of the Day – Vector Marketing
  • 3/19 Employer of the Day – College nannies and Tutors
  • 3/20 Employer of the Day – LOFT
  • 3/21 Employer of the Day – YMCA
  • 3/25 Employer of the Day – Teachers on Call
  • 3/27 Employer of the Day – Robert Half
  • 3/28 Employer of the Day – St. Paul Neighborhood Network