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Bookstore, Security, and Business Office Kick Off Handout


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Inver Hills Bookstore

Inver Hills Campus Security

The mission of the Inver Hills Campus Safety and Security Department is to provide a safe and welcoming environment to enhance the well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors and to protect all College property.

The Campus Safety and Security Department strives to achieve this mission by means of a community-friendly approach that enhances safety through the visibility of security personnel, preventative patrols, and positive conflict resolution.  The department collaborates with local law enforcement and community organizations in fulfilling its mission.

Emergency Medical Assistance
Campus Safety and Security will summon Emergency Medical Services (EMS) if needed or requested to do so. Campus Safety and Security does not transport injured or stricken individuals to hospitals or emergency care centers. If an emergency arises on campus, call Campus Safety and Security using a regular college telephone by dialing 3711, dial 9-911 if using a landline on campus, or dial 911 on a cell phone.

Lost and Found
Campus Safety and Security maintains a lost and found service for the campus community. Report lost items and turn in items that are found unattended to the Campus Safety and Security Office. Found property will be held until the end of each semester. All unclaimed items will be donated or destroyed. Lost and found can be contacted at 651-450-3711.

Parking and Vehicle Regulations
Parking and vehicle regulations are in place at IHCC to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the College. Campus Parking is monitored and vehicle regulations enforced by IHCC Campus Safety and Security.

As a courtesy, Campus Safety and Security offers the following vehicle assistance:

  • Jump-pack made available at the Welcome Desk in the College Center
  • Vehicle lockouts (serviced provided by School Resource Deputy)
  • Locate vehicles
  • Accident, theft, and damage reports

 Although general security patrol is provided, you are advised to lock your vehicle at all times and to secure valuables out of sight. IHCC is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of vehicles or other property of those using College facilities.

Duties of Health and Safety Officer

1.Keep the workplace in compliance with OSHA regulations

  • Find and correct and OSHA violations
  • Keep training records
  • Make sure OSHA is informed of any reportable injuries on campus
  • Perform annual testing of different types of exposure levels (chemical, noise, silica, etc.).  To make sure employees are not being over exposed to workplace hazards.
  • See to every employee receiving the safety training they require for their position
  • For example, employees that can be exposed to blood need blood-Bourne-pathogen training annually, maintenance employees require annual ladder use, power-tool use, and slips-trips-and-falls training.
  • Monitor security cameras and provide an additional security presence
  • Conduct patrols around campus and through buildings on a regular basis to look for suspicious activity or workplace hazards
  • Keep campus in compliance with local and state fire codes
  • Monthly fire extinguisher and emergency exit sign inspections
  • Make sure the fire panels are in working order and receive scheduled or unscheduled maintenance
  • Order annual fire sprinkler system testing
  • Order annual fire extinguisher testing
  • Supply the Fire Marshall with any documents to show our annual compliance
  • Regulate and make sure that any hazardous waste or recycling that is produced on campus is accounted for and disposed of properly
  • Perform weekly inspections of hazardous waste storage areas
  • Order the pick up and disposal of accumulated hazardous waste/recycling
  • Retain records of hazardous waste disposal
  • Maintain the AED’s on campus to make sure they are functional in case of an emergency on campus

Inver Hills Business Office


1.) Qualify for Membership

Students who complete at least 12 college-level credits, earn a 3.5 semester GPA in at least one semester, and who maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 qualify for membership. If you are not sent an invitation to join contact

2.) Invitations Sent

Invitation emails and letters are sent to eligible students after the second week of fall and spring semester each year. The invitation will include instructions and your individual passcode needed to join.

3.) Join Online

Members pay a one-time membership fee and join using your passcode. If this fee is preventing you from joining instead apply for membership using our membership fee waiver application

4.) Induction and Get Involved!

We host an induction ceremony each semester. You must sign up to be inducted. Find out more by joining our meeting or take a look at our event calendar at

PTK Membership Fee Waiver

Do not join first, we cannot reimburse paid fees.

I have my passcode! Where do I join?