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Drive-In Movie Night

September 17, 7 pm

brought to you by Student Life

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The Details

Join us September 17th at 7 pm, in the Upper Fine Arts Parking Lot for a drive-in showing if Captain America, Civil War

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September 17th is Constitution Day, and we are having a celebration to welcome you back for the fall semester. Come for a free socially distant drive-in movie night! We will be showing Captain America, Civil War, handing out pocket constitutions, popcorn, and more.

Students, faculty, and staff- bring your friends and family, but please note- individuals coming to the Inver Hills campus, even for a brief duration, are required to wear a mask and complete and show the online Health Screening Questionnaire approval email or complete the online health screening form given by a designated college employee that asks individuals to identify if they are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Cough: New or worsening
    • Shortness of breath: New or Worsening
    • OR two or more of the following symptoms:
      • Temperature/fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above
      • Chills
      • Headache
      • Sore throat
      • Muscle pain
      • Loss of taste or smell
  • Use available hand sanitizer or soap and water to clean hands prior to conducting business on campus

Individuals who are experiencing symptoms will be instructed to leave campus. These individuals should then stay home until:

  • They have had no fever for at least 24 hours (without the use of fever-reducing medications); AND
  • Other symptoms have improved (e.g., cough or shortness of breath has improved.); AND
  • At least 10 days have passed since their symptoms first appeared.

Inver Hills follows MDH and local health department guidance on informing workers if they have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 on campus and requiring them to quarantine for the recommended amount of time.

Important To Know Prior To Attending

Students, faculty, and staff coming to the Inver Hills campus, even for a brief duration, are required to wear a mask, as described in Executive Order 20-84 and in “Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Face Mask Operating Instructions,” July 24, 2020. We will be creating events with social distancing in mind.

We are focused on keeping our campus community safe. Screening all employees, students and visitors for potential exposure to COVID-19 and symptoms of COVID-19 is a critical tool for minimizing potential exposure. All attendees should complete this survey prior to coming to  campus.

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Attendee Guidelines

We want all to feel welcome and safe attending any event at Inver Hills. Prior to attending you should complete the Health Screening Survey.  Attendee Guidelines include:

  • Wear a face mask
  • Practice social distancing, hand-washing and other health and safety best practices.
  • Report cases of COVID-19

Location & Venue

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