There are many ways you can get involved on campus, and connect with other students online.

Sex Week April 27 – 30

Online Classes 101

Inver Hills has scheduled five open sessions about how to be successful in an online class. Each session will consist of a short presentation on what to expect from online classes followed by a panel discussion / Q&A session with faculty, staff, and students. You can ask questions and get advice to be the best online learner you can be. You may attend one session, or all five, as we will have different panelists and different questions, but the sessions are designed to have the same content. These sessions will be recorded and made available.
 Final Live Session:Thursday, April 9, 11 am

Get Involved at Inver Hills Online!

  1. Attend a Student Senate Meeting

  2. Setup a Meeting with Student Life Staff, or stop by our Online Office Hours

  3. Join our Student Life Team Online!


Online Student Support

Additional Virtual Activities: