Invite your friends to Inver for a chance to win a scholarship!

Greetings students!

As you reflect on your Inver Hills Community College experience, do you know others – either co-workers, family, or friends – who you think would love to be a part of the campus community? You might have heard about the “I see you at Inver” campaign in some of your classes, but in case you did not, we want you to be aware of this referral program. If you have family members, friends, co-workers, or even former students who want to return to finish their degree or earn a new credential, we want you to share your experiences of the college with them and to refer possible students to the Admissions office.

Furthermore, if you do know someone who might be interested, the Inver Hills Foundation has graciously volunteered to support this effort in a tangible way. Here’s how it works:

• You give a prospective student a referral card and ask them to fill it out, including the “referred by” line with your name (example below, cards are available at the Welcome Desk in the College Center);
• The prospective student can simply drop the card off in the mail (the postage has already been paid) or with the Admissions office at the Welcome Desk; and then,
• The admissions office will collect the cards and hold three drawings (one in spring, summer, and fall) with the following prizes available for the referral card drawn:
o A $250 scholarship to a current Inver Hills Community College student who refers a prospective student, regardless of whether or not that referred student enrolls at Inver.

Every prospective student who returns a referral card will also be given an application fee waiver so they can apply to Inver for free!

Please consider sharing your experiences with others you see here at Inver! There is no limit to the number of prospective students that one can refer, although we do expect you to take only a few cards at a time. Cards will be available throughout the year.

If you have questions about this campaign, please contact the Admissions Office at 651-450-3902 or Thank you for encouraging students to share in the Inver Hills Community College experience by promoting the college, and thank your help with this recruitment campaign. Sincerely,

-The Inver Hills Community College Admissions Team