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Kick Off

Kick off happened! Talk to our student life staff to get connected to campus!

Friday, January 8th, 2021
11 am - 1 pm

Additional Welcome Events Scheduled Throughout January!
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The first 50 students who sign up will receive a free Inver Hills T-shirt

Start spring semester on the right foot by attending Kick Off.

Kick Off is an annual event at Inver Hills. This year we are hosting a second Kick Off in January to help students meet each other, faculty and staff and start spring semester off right! Come to meet the people and learn about the resources which will help you have the student experience you want at Inver Hills.

Virtual Spring Kick Off 2021 Schedule

Friday, January 8th
11 am - 1pm

Welcome Session & Panel Discussion

11 am - 11:50 am

We are so excited to see you! This session will be held on a Zoom Webinar and D2L.

At this session you can expect a welcome from administration, Inver Hills 101, a Q&A / panel discussion with students, staff, and faculty.

learn how you can win a Nintendo Switch, or other prizes for attending

Virtual Information Fair And Picnic

12 pm - 12:50 pm

This year the picnic is BYOB (bring your own burger), and instead of student leaders, faculty and staff sitting at tables on the campus mall, we will have all meet together on Zoom from our own living rooms. We encourage all participants to have a web cam and microphone for this portion of the day. More information is in the FAQ below.

Kick Off Prizes

Complete the scavenger hunt during Kick Off and attend the closing session and you could win won of the prizes below.

Nintendo Switch

1 Winner

Inver Sweatshirt or Tshirt

4 Winners

$250 Gift Card

You can choose Cub or Amazon

3 Winners

Kick Off is a great way to meet faculty, staff, and other students!

Learn how you can find a place to connect, learn and grow at Inver Hills! Kick Off is the best place to learn more about everything that is possible while you are a student here.

Kick Off


You will need to be able to use Zoom and students will use D2L. You will need to have a camera and microphone for Zoom sessions.

You will be able to access the meeting links here, in D2L and in the email sent out to you. More information about how to use your Zoom account is available.

In past years we have invited new students to attend, this year ALL students are encouraged to join us and invite family and friends!

Students who have more connections to faculty staff and other students tend to do better in classes. In addition you will learn about the many resources available at Inver Hills.

No, but we recommend it strongly. You can find virtual backgrounds here and instructions on how to use them here.

We are so excited to get to know you!

You've Registered to Attend Kick Off Now What?


Students: Make sure You're Ready For Classes

There are many steps along the way, but in general you should be registered and have financial aid or a payment plan in place for fall semester starts.


Make sure you have all the Technology You need

Download Zoom on the device you will be using. Students: You will need to be able to get into D2L. Friends and Family: You may watch with your Inver student. If you cannot be in the same room, please join us for the Friends and Family Session via Zoom.


Students: Complete the "Prior to Kick Off" Check List In D2L

Friends & Family: There is a list in the email.

Still not sure what to do? Contact Student Life. We'll help figure it out!

Take a virtual tour of campus!

Classes are online this summer, and most of our staff are working from home, but you can still explore our campus virtually in a variety of ways!



1.) Qualify for Membership

Students who complete at least 12 college-level credits, earn a 3.5 semester GPA in at least one semester, and who maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 qualify for membership. If you are not sent an invitation to join contact

2.) Invitations Sent

Invitation emails and letters are sent to eligible students after the second week of fall and spring semester each year. The invitation will include instructions and your individual passcode needed to join.

3.) Join Online

Members pay a one-time membership fee and join using your passcode. If this fee is preventing you from joining instead apply for membership using our membership fee waiver application

4.) Induction and Get Involved!

We host an induction ceremony each semester. You must sign up to be inducted. Find out more by joining our meeting or take a look at our event calendar at

PTK Membership Fee Waiver

Do not join first, we cannot reimburse paid fees.

I have my passcode! Where do I join?