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Student Open Forums


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How are you doing this semester?

The Inver Hills Community College President Michael Berndt, and the Inver Hills Student Senate President Tim Smith are co-hosting two virtual open forums for students. These events are designed to give you an opportunity to share how you are doing, what Inver Hills can do better, and what we need to keep doing well. You will be able to share directly about your experience as a student, and the event will be an open ended conversation around two questions:

  • What has helped you be successful at Inver? Were there any teaching practices, communications, or support services that really helped you?
  • What has challenged your success at Inver? What could we, as a college, do differently to help you be more successful?

Please join us on Zoom for one of the following Open Forums:

The Inver Hills Community College Student Senate President, Tim Smith wrote the following message inviting all to attend:

My name is Tim Smith and I am the current Student President for this academic year. In this tumultuous virtual world we are all experiencing this school year, Inver Hills Community College President, Michael Berndt, and I have planed two student forums on November 10th at 10 am and November 12th at 2 pm. These forums are designed to be one hour sessions where students will have the opportunity to speak to their experiences this fall and suggest recommendations to both myself and President Berndt. I look forward to having students contribute directly to the campus strategic planning. This event will be a platform for you to suggest what has worked and what we can improve on as a school for the virtual spring semester at Inver Hills.

The second objective of these student forums is to promote committee involvement and for students to become more involved with campus decision making. Without the students voice, how can leaders of the campus make the correct decisions for the future of our students who attend Inver Hills Community College?

I appreciate your candor in this matter, and want all staff, faculty, and students to have a voice in how we can ensure the future of Inver Hills is a bright one where students, faculty, and staff all “feel” part of the campus, not just individuals attending or teaching classes.

Tim Smith, Inver Hills Community College Student Senate President

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1.) Qualify for Membership

Students who complete at least 12 college-level credits, earn a 3.5 semester GPA in at least one semester, and who maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 qualify for membership. If you are not sent an invitation to join contact

2.) Invitations Sent

Invitation emails and letters are sent to eligible students after the second week of fall and spring semester each year. The invitation will include instructions and your individual passcode needed to join.

3.) Join Online

Members pay a one-time membership fee and join using your passcode. If this fee is preventing you from joining instead apply for membership using our membership fee waiver application

4.) Induction and Get Involved!

We host an induction ceremony each semester. You must sign up to be inducted. Find out more by joining our meeting or take a look at our event calendar at

PTK Membership Fee Waiver

Do not join first, we cannot reimburse paid fees.

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