About Brandon Yates

About the Role of Student Senate Treasurer

The Executive Board of the Student Senate is comprised of  the Student Senate President, Vice President, Director of Communications, Treasurer, and Legislative Director.  As a whole, the Executive Board:

  • Is responsible for implementing all decisions made by the Student Senate
  • Notifies the faculty and administration of any student concerns as deemed necessary
  • Sets the agenda and for Student Senate meetings
  • Presents separate officer reports at all regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Attend and lead leadership workshops and trainings
  • Executive Board members will receive a stipend based each semester upon completion of their duties

The Duties of the Treasurer (as outlined in the Student Senate Bylaws)

  • Shall temporarily assume the role Presidency in the absence of the aforementioned Officers.
  • Shall be responsible for the Student Senate budget.
  • Maintain an accurate record of all financial transactions, and report to the Student Senate on a weekly basis, or as needed.
  • Be a co-chair on the Student Activities Budget Committee (SABC).

 You can contact the current Student Senate Treasurer at sstreasurer@inverhills.edu.