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Student Success Day is a student-centered event featuring a keynote speaker, one-on-one faculty time, and many sessions to help students focus on their college goals. A variety of workshop sessions and events are available for all students at Inver Hills!

After you have registered to attend Student Success Day, you can build your SSD schedule online using your own online calendar, or you can build your schedule of workshops directly online! To use the My SSD Schedule Feature take the following steps:

1. Review the Student Success Day Schedule Online, then click on “My SSD Schedule”

The Student Success Day Schedule is available on our website:

You can find the link to create your SSD schedule at the top right side of the schedule.

2. A new page will pop up, choose a way to Sign In that works for you. You can sign up with a Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account.

Use an account you will remember to sign in to our calendar system. You can use your Facebook, google, or Microsoft account to sign up. If you do not have one of these accounts, you can sign up using your student account ( Click this link:, then sign in using and your StarID password to sign in.

Follow the directions presented to start using your email account.

3. Return to the Student Success Day Schedule– check the boxes for the sessions and check add to my calendar at the top or bottom of the page.

Check the box next to any workshops you want to attend, you can select as many or few as you prefer. Next click “Add to My Calendar”. Click the submit button. You can create your online schedule by clicking submit, and can also add your sessions to your online calendar, and / or sign up for email or text reminders.

4. Select any additional notifications you would like or simply select submit.

You can select any of the additional options provided here, or simply click submit to add the workshops to your online My SSD schedule.

Now, when you return to the SSD schedule you can always click My SSD schedule and sign in to see the workshop selections you have made.

You can also view your personal schedule here:

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